Lambda Launch

January 10, 2020

I just completed Lambda School’s orientation program, Lambda Launch. It was basically what you’d expect from an orientation program: administrative details, school policies, going over the schedule, and explaining the ISA terms, in addition to communicating some of the values, practices, and principles that will help students succeed at Lambda School.

There were daily assignments to help students prepare for the first week of the program, which were submitted through the same web form used to submit projects during the course. This helped with getting used to the Lambda School workflow, as a kind of dry run.

What’s Your Why?

I’m attending Lambda School because I need a job, and it seems like Lambda School will help me find one. I’ve spent a year or so preparing myself, focusing mostly on the modern JavaScript ecosystem, and I’m ready to work on a team to continue growing as a developer. There’s only so much you can do on your own, and the community at Lambda School has already been pretty helpful, sharing valuable resources and providing a structured, proven approach to becoming a professional developer.

We all have to do something with our lives, and I’m grateful that I’m able to make useful things with technology. The software development community in general is a wonderful thing to be a part of — it keeps me engaged and learning so that I’m never bored and always improving.

There is also of course the financial aspect. I never really saw a clear path for myself from college to a career. I wanted to study everything in college, which has been great in terms of my own personal development, but has made finding a job difficult. Going back to get a CS degree isn’t practical for me: it would be expensive, risky, take too long, and wouldn’t offer as much hands-on training. Lambda School seems like the best possible way for me to get hired to do work I enjoy at a well-paying job, using skills I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to exercise in an intensive, professional, collaborative environment. I’m looking forward to starting next week.