October 05, 2020

Lambda School

Haven’t had the chance to blog in awhile, but I’m happy to say that I’m now officially endorsed by Lambda School! I’ve been pretty busy for the past nine months as a full-time student building projects everyday while also working as a Team Lead, but it was an awesome experience and I learned a lot.

The time I spent at Lambda School gave me the opportunity to develop and sharpen my skills in an engaged, collaborative environment, with a helpful community of staff and students. The curriculum was comprehensive, including the most essential aspects of modern web development, so that I’m now ready to hit the ground running and start shipping code.

It required a lot of hard work and determination to excel in all of my assignments, while also helping other students along the way, but it was an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience. I’m now fully prepared to work as a developer and am on the job search, looking for the right opportunity.

I’m continuing to learn and develop my skillset and am looking forward to applying the knowledge I’ve acquired in order to make useful things for more people.